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Seven Tips for Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

So you recently completed your first laser tattoo removal treatment, but in the midst of all the excitement, you forgot everything the laser tattoo removal specialist told you about properly caring for your treated area. No worries, below are five useful laser tattoo removal aftercare tips that will ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.

Laser tattoo removal is a relatively simple outpatient procedure. However, knowing exactly what to expect and how to care for the area will make your overall experience that much better. So before we get into the five tips, let’s first cover what you can expect. Read More…

New Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in St. Paul, MN

***Update – Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal moved locations. Our new address is 1700 Highway 36 West STE 840 Roseville, MN***


There’s a new laser tattoo removal clinic located in the beautiful Cathedral Hill neighborhood of St. Paul, MN.
Fallen Ink Laser Tattoo Removal is proud to be able to offer residents living in and around Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN the safest, most effective and most affordable solution for removing unwanted tattoo.

Founded by Dustin Nelson – a graduate from the University of Minnesota and certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist – Mr. Nelson is honored to be able to provide residents of the Twin Cities with the best laser technology and techniques currently used in the tattoo removal industry. Fallen Ink operates the Quanta Q plus C laser which is considered the Gold Standard in laser tattoo removal and is currently the only laser on the market that boasts three true wavelengths (including the Ruby 694 for the difficult greens and blues) to safely and effectively remove unwanted tattoo of all colors. For pain sensitive clients, Fallen Ink also operates the Zimmer Cyro 6 skin cooling machine to numb the treated area prior and during the tattoo removal process. Read More…