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EVO Technology

Here at Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal, it’s our professional opinion that the Quanta EVO and the Q+ Series of Quanta tattoo removal machines are hands down some of the best laser tattoo removal machines on the market. Manufactured and engineered in Italy, these machines have the longest and most robust track record of successful tattoo removal results to date.

Quanta Evo Tattoo Removal Minneapolis | Fallen Ink

The Quanta EVO and Q+ machines remove unwanted tattoo just as quick (if not quicker) with less side effects than most stand alone pico lasers!

Fallen Ink is the only laser tattoo removal clinic in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin to offer Quanta Evo tattoo removal technology!

Why Beam Profile is Important?


Beam Profile

The OptiBeam™ II technology is exclusive to the Quanta EVO and is extremely important for successful laser tattoo removal. The laser beam profile must be as homogeneous as possible, otherwise longer healing time and adverse side effects can occur.


Quanta EVO Beam

The extremely high laser peak power of these machines has to treat the skin without any “hot points” in the spot size. The OptiBeam™ II handpiece assures a perfect flat top beam profile that shatters tattoo ink into very small particles and distributes the laser power homogeneously over the entire spot size.


Competitor Beam

Competitor laser beam profiles resemble a circle. Circular beam profiles concentrate the heat and energy uneven over the spot size and require overlapping to ensure complete coverage of the tattoo. We refer to this as “heat stacking” which can cause unnecessary damage to the skin.

Science Behind the EVO

The Quanta EVO encompasses all four of the most important traits a laser must posses for safe, effective laser tattoo removal treatments.



As one of the most powerful lasers FDA approved for tattoo removal, the EVO delivers more than enough power to shatter ink particles of all colors. Large spot sizes + High Fluence = Greater depth of penetration and better clearance.


Pulse Width

The EVO’s ultra short pulse width is engineered to effectively shatter ink and pigment particles with ease, allowing the body’s natural lymphatic system to digest the ink via a process known as phagocytosis.


Three Wavelengths

In order to successfully remove a multi-color tattoo, a laser must possess the correct wavelengths. The EVO has three TRUE wavelengths to selectively target all treatable ink colors.


Beam Profile

The EVO’s OptiBeam™ II homogeneous beam profile evenly distributes the energy of the laser to a flat top profile that shatters ink particles better than competitor beams and results in better patient outcomes.