Laser Tattoo Removal Cost and the Six Factors that Determine It

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

With tattoos being such a mainstream commodity these days, tattoo regret is on the climb. What seemed to be a good idea when you were 18 years old, turned out not to be as timeless as you originally thought.

The good news is that tattoos are not permanent and with advances in laser technology, tattoo removal cost are more affordable than ever. Don’t get me wrong, laser tattoo removal is still an investment. However, there are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of laser tattoo removal and the following post is dedicated to helping you better understand tattoo removal cost.

Tattoo Color(s):

The color or colors of your tattoo can have an impact on the cost of laser tattoo removal. Some colors are easier to remove than others. The darker inks (Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Purple and Red) tend to move faster than lighter colors (Yellow, Pink, Light Green and Light Blue), thus having a direct impact of how many treatments are needed.

Skin Color:

When categorizing ones skin tone, there’s a little something called the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale that ranks skin colors on a scale of 1 to 6 with 1 being the lightest. Skin color plays an important role on the cost of tattoo removal. Lighter skin clients will benefit more when it comes to cost because laser tattoo removal specialists are able to be more aggressive with their laser settings. Generally, darker skin clients will require more laser treatments because laser settings need to be started at a more gentle level and more gradually increased overtime.

Size of Tattoo:

This is pretty straight forward. Generally speaking, the larger the tattoo the more costs will be incurred for tattoo removal.

Ink Density:

Ink density is probably one the most important factors in determining cost of laser tattoo removal. The more ink in the body, the more treatments will be needed to successfully remove the tattoo. A good laser tattoo removal clinic will base their pricing off of ink density, not size of the tattoo.

Body Location of Tattoo:

The bulk of your lymphatic system is located in your neck, armpit and groin areas of your body. The closer the tattoo is to the the lymphatic system or the more blood flow the tattoo area sees, the easier it is for the body to dispose of the ink. With that being said, it may cost more to remove tattoos that are located in areas of the body that have poor blood circulation (ie. feet and fingers) because more treatments are usually needed.

Immune System:

The body plays a big role in tattoo removal cost and how quickly tattoos are removed. The better immune system and the healthier lifestyle one lives, the quicker the body will dispose of the ink.
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