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Tattoo Cover Up and Laser Tattoo Removal

Some things in life just go hand in hand – peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs at a baseball game, beer on ice…the list goes on and on.

If you’re a recipient of a poor quality tattoo, a tattoo that lost its meaning or maybe you just want to make room for some new ink; whatever your reason(s), when it comes to tattoo cover ups, your best option is to have a few laser treatments completed on the tattoo first before starting your cover up.

That’s right, laser tattoo removal is the peanut butter to the jelly and the rock to the roll when considering a cover up.

So why should you get laser treatments before starting your cover up? It’s simple really, most tattoos can be faded significantly in as little as 3 to 4 treatments and the payoff is worth the reward. By fading the tattoo first, you’re left with a much more desirable and usable canvas for the tattoo artist to work with. Often times, a few laser treatments can be the difference between settling for something, or getting exactly what you want.

Here at Fallen Ink Laser Tattoo Removal in Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN – we work with a ton of great local tattoo artists that send clients our way for the reasons listed above. The end result has been nothing short than awesome. The tattoo artist is way more excited to be working on area that allows more options and creative freedom and the client is happier because at the end of the day they are getting a better product.

So don’t settle for a sub-par cover up. Even if your tattoo artist is awesome, do him/her a favor and make their job easier by fading your old tattoo first with a few laser treatments. Speaking from experience, the reward is worth the wait.

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